Useful Links


Vendors of antique chess items


Luke Honey

Garrick Colemans Fine Antique Chess Set and Backgammon


The Antique Chess Shop


The House of Staunton




Collector's sites

Gilbert Collection


Van Den Bosch Collection


Crumiller Collection

Wittitschek Collection

Guy Lyons Collection



Sites with useful information

St. Louis World Chess Hall of Fame Chess Set Exhibit

Article discussing early english chess makers and their marks by Jon Crumiller

Altas Obscura on Chess Sets

Research on the British Chess Company by Guy Lyons and Mick Deasy

Chess Collectors International

Eldrbarry's In Search of Unusual Chess Sets

German article on collecting chess sets with photos from some european collectors shown

Good collection of links to medieval games including chess

French site with some pieces photographed

Chess collectors blog


Other Antique Chess Related Sites

The Japanese Repository (Chess Restorer)


Artisan Of The Valley (Chess Restorer)



Other useful sites


Chess Express

Nice new sets


Description-Software for the art and antique communities since 1992!


Chess Baron

Range of quality chess equipment


Wide range of collectable modern chess sets


Internet Chess Club

Play chess online



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